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Our Philosophy

Character first, ability second!

Established since 2003, we provided quality Judo and BJJ programs for children and adult while maintaining stringent safety standards.

Today we are the leading service provider of Judo and BJJ programs and activities in Penang. Our teams compete regularly locally and overseas which most our senior team are active members of Malaysia Judo Team.

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Our Results in Numbers

A 1985 study found that children in martial arts have an increased sense of responsibili-
ty, and a higher sense of self-esteem.

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Judo Chief Coach

The Judo response is to give way, to not meet force head-on and yet subdue your opponent.



BJJ Chief Coach

You learn to understand yourself and your opponent in a systematic way. It is the most powerful and influential experiences.



Judo Coach

Judo an alternative confidence Guru

People About Us

These training programs are the best in the state. The coaches are great, patient and supportive. Great job!

Julia Armstrong

I enjoyed training with the coach greatly. Thank you for the amazing opportunity and awesome experience.

Nick Sullivan

My kids love your school. Professional and individual approach is key in this job. So, thank you a lot.

Sam Jones

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Guard Passing Seminar with Prof Pedro GFT ASIA

Guard Passing Seminar with Prof Pedro GFT ASIA

Guard passing is one of the important technique needed to be mastered by both advance and beginners practitioners. There are countless guard variations – old school or modern guards. In this seminar the former North America Grappling Association Boston Champion and America Cup Champion Prof. Pedro (3rd Degree Black Belt) would be revealing his secrets of successful modern guard passing…



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